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Meet Tyler from New York who Loves to Ski!

While the Breathe for Bea Foundation’s financial assistance programs are geared towards helping cover prescription costs, hospital/doctor bills, un-reimbursed medical equipment, hotel expenses incurred while a child or spouse is in the hospital, etc., we occassionally receive requests for other things. A few weeks ago, the Foundation received an application for financial assistance from a mom in New York named Erin who described to us that her son Tyler, who has Cystic Fibrosis, loves to stay active and that one of his favorite things to do is ski. She was hoping for a grant from the Foundation to help cover the cost of a ski club that Tyler wanted to join.

tyler with his snowboard

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2018 Breathe for Bea Scholarship Recipients

We are very excited to announce our inaugural Breathe for Bea Scholarship recipients! Our scholarship program honors the memory of our cherished Ashley “Bea” Briggs, who never let Cystic Fibrosis stop her from pursuing her dreams. It was her spirit and determination that drove the Foundation to establish our scholarship program this year, so that we could help others who are living with CF achieve their dreams of a higher education too.

scholarship recipients 2018

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Event Recap – 1st Annual Breathe for Bea Cornhole Tournament

Over the weekend, on Saturday, September 8th, 2018, the 1st Annual Breathe for Bea Cornhole Tournament took place at the Ted Willams Camp in Lakeville, MA. Seasoned cornhole veterans, along with more casual players just looking to come out and support the cause, gathered to remember and the honor the life of Ashley “Bea” Briggs, as well to raise funds for the Breathe for Bea Foundation – funds that allow us to help make the lives of CF patients and families who are battling Cystic Fibrosis, a bit more manageable.

1st Annual Breathe for Bea Cornhole Tournament

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Event Recap – 2nd Annual Breathe for Bea Volleyball Tournament

This past Saturday, August 18th, 2018, friends and family of Ashley “Bea” Briggs gathered for a great day of fun – and some competition – at the 2nd Annual Breathe for Bea Volleyball Tournament. Her incredible spirit and love for the game were both celebrated, and we were also able to raise some funds for the Foundation which will allow us to continue to help and support individuals and families affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Just like last year, team slots filled up quick and we had an amazing turnout, with many donning Ashley’s favorite color blue!

2nd Annual Breathe for Bea Volleyball Tourney Group Photo

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Care Package Number 7 is Delivered to Illinois!

The Breathe for Bea Foundation recently sent out its 7th care package, this time to a young man named Aaron in Illinois. Aaron is 29 years old, and has been battling Cystic Fibrosis since he was diagnosed at the age of 2.  We received a request for a care package from his cousin Wendy, who let us know that Aaron had been in and out of hospitals countless times over the years and had been recently admitted to the hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. She mentioned that he loves hunting and fishing, so we got to work on putting together a care package for him in hopes of bringing a little extra sunshine to his stay. I think we succeeded!

aaron care package recipient

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Event Recap – Tough Mudder Boston 2018

A few weeks ago, I ran the Tough Mudder in Charlton, Massachusetts with a few other members of Team Beastrong, and I’m so glad I pushed myself into doing it again this year. This was a hard decision for me and I was dreading it the entire week prior to the event. You see, my sister Ashley / Bea had participated in three of them before she passed away a year ago in March; Cystic Fibrosis never stopped her from doing things like the Tough Mudder. She always pushed me to try new things and I knew it would be hard to do it without her. However, with the help of some friends, we created a team to run it in honor of her.

beastrong team at the tough mudder 2018

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Meet Our Most Recent Hospital Care Package Recipient, Allie!

We wanted to share with you all another example of where your generous donations and support goes towards. Meet Allie, our most recent recipient of a hospital care package. Not only were we able to satisfy another request to try and make it “a good day for a good day” for a young CF patient, we were also able to make it to another state – this time Pennsylvania!

hospital care package recipient allie

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Event Recap – Seascape Frame Creation Night 2018

This past weekend, the Breathe for Bea Foundation held its first fundraiser of the year, a private Seascape Frame Creation evening lead by the lovely and talented Heather Sears at the MIY Studio in Plymouth, MA. The event sold out and was a big success! In addition to that, it was the largest class the Studio has ever had! We couldn’t be more proud of holding that distinction.

breathe for bea seascape frame creation night

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