Event Recap – Seascape Frame Creation Night 2018

This past weekend, the Breathe for Bea Foundation held its first fundraiser of the year, a private Seascape Frame Creation evening lead by the lovely and talented Heather Sears at the MIY Studio in Plymouth, MA. The event sold out and was a big success! In addition to that, it was the largest class the Studio has ever had! We couldn’t be more proud of holding that distinction.

breathe for bea seascape frame creation night

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Great Strides Walks 2018

As many of you know, May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month and one of the big things that goes on during this month to raise awareness of this terrible disease and raise funds to hopefully one day find a cure is the CF Foundation’s Great Strides Walks. We participated in these last year shortly after Ashley passed away, and we were there once again this year. We wanted to share with you all some photos from the Great Strides Walk in Sandwich, MA that the Breathe for Bea Foundation attended on May 5th. We had a nice Team Beastrong representation and the weather was absolutely beautiful for the walk. We also were also able to meet some of the great folks at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and will be taking a tour of their building in Boston in the near future. Stay tuned! And hopefully, we will have even greater numbers at the walk next year!

Great Strides Walk Sandwich 2018

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Event Recap – Celebrating Ashley’s / Bea’s 31st Birthday

Being the incredibly thoughful person that she was, Ashley / Bea would often plan birthday festivities for others. Now, in her honor, we make sure to plan a special night to honor hers. So, for the second year in a row, a large group of family and friends descended upon East Bay Grille in Plymouth, Massachusetts on March 24th, 2018 to celebrate Bea’s birthday.

Ashley's 31st birthday tribute

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Event Recap – 2018 Mayflower Brewing St. Pats 5K

In January 2017, I was asked to run a 5K with a group of friends. I was told that “there’s beer at the end!” Ok, sure, I might run for beer I said. But, I still hesitated to actually register. Then Ashley / Bea went into the hospital, and her sister Emily said to me, “run it with me, run for Bea”. Knowing how Ashley grabbed life by the horns and didn’t let Cystic Fibrosis stop her, I signed up for the Mayflower Brewery St. Pats 5K for Bea. Little did I know what the following weeks would bring, just how much that first 5K race would change me, and how much it would mean to me.

team beastrong 2018 mayflower st pats 5k recap

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