Lung Transplant Financial Assistance

It is the mission of the Breathe for Bea Foundation to help as many individuals with Cystic Fibrosis, as well as families that have a loved one with CF to care for, as we can fight this devastating disease. One of the ways we act to accomplish this is by providing financial assistance to those who qualify to help with the costs associated with lung transplants.

While the cost of lung transplantation is typically covered by most health insurance companies, other expenses such as travel and hotel stays are usually the responsibility of the patient or their family. Our Beastrong family has experienced the miracle of a lung transplant first-hand, as Ashley’s / Bea’s sister Lindsay Briggs received a life-saving double lung transplant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center over ten years ago. We hope we can provide support to others who are going through this process by helping patients and families pay for some of the expenses that are not covered by their insurance. Financial awards from the Foundation can be used to cover out-of-pocket expenses related to travel to / from the transplant center, post transplant clinical visits, and physical rehab appointments; hotel stays / housing; parking costs; meals for the transplant patient when traveling to / from clinical or rehab appointments; co-pays for medications and services related to transplant; and medical equipment that are not covered by your insurance or by any other means.

If you are a person with Cystic Fibrosis, or a family member of someone living with CF, that in the very near future requires or has had a recent lung transplant and would like to apply for financial assistance from the Breathe for Bea Foundation, there are two options available to you. You can either fill out the electronic application form below, or you can download an application and either email the completed form – along with all receipts of requested expenses to be covered and supporting documents, including a letter from your doctor confirming a diagnosis of CF and that the patient is listed or has had a lung transplant – to us at [email protected], or print it out and mail the completed application along with the receipts and supporting documents to our physical address:

Breathe for Bea Foundation
11 Richfield Circle
Carver, MA 02330


Once we receive the completed application, including all required receipts of expenses asking to be covered and supporting documents, the Foundation will review and will contact you and any other necessary contacts if we have any questions about your request, or need to clarify or verify any information. We may also contact the parent(s) and / or guardian(s), transplant center, applicant’s social worker, or insurance company to verify the request and the information provided. We try to review applications in a timely manner, but if assistance is needed immediately, please contact us directly. Once we have come to a decision on an application, we will get in touch to discuss it with you. Rest assured that all applications will be reviewed and responded to.

Please note that the Breathe for Bea Foundation is currently only able to offer assistance to patients and families that are U.S. citizens. Approved applications will receive a check made payable, and mailed, directly to the recipient(s) asking for assistance. Lastly, as of 2018, we are giving up to $500 for each approved request. However, this amount is set at the discretion of the Foundation and may be increased under certain circumstances. As our Foundation grows, it is our hope to increase the maximum amount of assistance we can provide.

We value your privacy and will not share your personal information. If selected as an aid recipient, we may seek your permission to use your name and any images you send us, on our website; rest assured, any publicizing of your selection will be done only with your approval.


Due to unforeseen circumstances and family obligations, the Foundation will be unable to review any applications for financial assistance for the time being, and will only be able to process requests for care packages. We will be resuming our financial assistance program in October of 2019 so please check back with us then, and we apologize for any inconvience. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions, or inquiries about other possible resources we may be able to direct you to. Thank you.